Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Just like the Warrior Games!

The month after the USA release of my second novel, Taken, London was host to the amazing Invictus Games. The Games were the brainchild of Prince Harry who has served in Afghanistan and the competitors injured veterans just like the protagonists in my novel. TAKEN was inspired primarily by the Paralympics and by blade runner Oscar Pistorious (Before his notorious fall from grace, of course) but it was also inspired by seeing how amputees at Headley Court recovered from their injuries.

I was surprised at how quickly some amputees are rehabilitated and by the spirit of veterans who don't wallow in self pity but get up and on with there lives. This is the fighting spirit that inhabits the pages of TAKEN and which provides the contrast to what could otherwise have been quite a dark storyline. Soon, on September 29th, America will host the games that inspired HRH Prince Harry - the Warrior Games - an event where US veterans will compete as part of their rehabilitation and recovery. These people are my heroes.

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