Tuesday, 7 October 2014

About Writing

Well, unless you are JK or Stephen King, I think this boils down to how much writing can you fit around your day job? The answer for me is little or nothing. I've tried the 1000 words a day thingy and never have the time or the space to commit. If Harvey isn't whining for his food something else will be cracking off. Then (as a published author) there is Twitter, FB, Blogging and the like which seem to be custom built to stop writers from getting on with the task of well, writing stories and such.

So - for me the only option is Christmas... I am a Christmas writer. A regular 'Father Write-mas'. Both TORN and TAKEN were birthed in the festive season. When the world slows down just enough for me to jump off and hide in some cubby-hole, then I can get down to it. It would be so much easier if I had a few elves to delegate to.

I do dream of the pipe and the fireplace or some dream shack in the Tuscan hills, which writer doesn't? Until those materialise I'm afraid that the real world has to suffice. Ho hum. or should that be Ho Ho Ho?

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