Friday, 16 May 2014

Malvern Workshop

Well that went well! 23 students all buzzing about character and how the choices they make define them. We chose two characters - an illegal immigrant and a concert pianist and threw all sorts of moral dilemmas at them, lit the blue touch paper and watched the fireworks. The mini improvisations were... different... but a great laugh. Finally the students sat down to form their own characters and now I have to choose who is going to win the coveted TAKEN mug. All in a days work...

Friday, 9 May 2014

Malvern College Writing workshop

Spent the day turning an anecdote from Robert McKee's 'STORY' into a class activity for a creative writing workshop that I will be taking in a week's time. All about character and choices and great fun - like playing God in your own imagined world. Made me understand Simon Cowell a little more!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Still get a buzz seeing my writing in print and knowing that people are reading it all over the world.

Loved doing a Skype visit to a school in Minnesota last year.

Make up your mind...

One in, one out. Got to invest in a dog sized cat flap...

So.. My new book TAKEN is out

David Massey Author of Torn and TakenIt’s strange this book publishing lark. Now that TAKEN has hit the shelves across the country and in the US I’m sitting here in my kitchen scheduling tweets and writing blogs when what I really want to be doing is writing the next masterpiece...

Speaking of which – I began working on a number of new ideas at the weekend involving childhood memories, vivid imaginations and unopened daisies.  

David Massey

Chicken House/Scholastic author