Monday, 9 March 2015

My Next Blockbuster...

So - I've just completed my latest novel - THE BONE SURFERS - and my agent is going to start sending it to publishers. Exciting!

Some of you who have been on GoodReads for a number of years may remember it as STEAMPUNK, a gothic murder mystery that was posted there for a few weeks and which got excellent ratings. This is a story that has done the rounds for too many years...

It all began as a re-working of Shelley's Frankenstein and mutated into a supernatural murder mystery set at a Manga Expo in Paris and in the miles of catacombs that honeycomb the limestone bedrock beneath the city. My novel was written before novels like Revolution by Jennifer Donnelley and before the upsurge in interest in the catacombs.

Now that I have a couple of novels under my belt the time seemed right to haul THE BONE SURFERS out of storage and into the light, to dust it off and to get tweaking. The cosplay party is still there - protagonists Fellin and Blaise still go dressed as Misa from Deathnote and chaos ensues.

As I have re-worked it, the novel has become more rooted in the real world of the Paris souterrainers and the enigmatic Remy is now a cool street runner or Parkours.

I can't wait until this novel is in print and people start reading it. I loved writing it and still love to inhabit the streets of Paris whenever I sit down to re-read or re-work it. This is why writing is cool.

I'll keep you posted.